Tine 2.0 moved to GIT

The Tine 2.0 Project changes its Sourcecode-Management-System from Subversion to GIT.

The main reasons for this change are the fast and reliable branching and merging capabilities of GIT. With this, the project hopes to reach an even higher level of development productivity.

As all Contents from the old Subversion got migrated into the new GIT repository the Subversion service got switched off.

Anonymous Access
Anonymous cloning the sources could be done with:

git clone http://git.tine20.org/git/tine20

Switch go the stable branch with

git checkout -b 2011-01 origin/2011-01

Updates could be retrieved with

git pull

Contributors Access
As a contributor please make sure to familiarize yourself with GIT and read one of the dozens of introductions out in the net.

Contributors need to check out per https:

git clone https://git.tine20.org/git/tine20

Usersames and passwords got migrated from the old subversion service

Depending on your Operating system / tools you might need to add a


with the following content:

machine git.tine20.org

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